2011 Nicaragua Elections One Week Away

The Nicaraguan elections are just days away and most everyone is unsure what exactly will happen.  Incumbent president Daniel Ortega has a good size lead in the polls which makes him the favorite.  However, he was also heavily favored in 1990 and ended up losing by a double digit percentage.  When it comes to Nicaraguan politics anything is possible. 

2011 Nicaraguan Elections

Fabio Gadea, the closest of the opposition candidates is hoping to at least force a run off election between the two.  A run off election would happen if Ortega fails to get to 40 percent of the vote and is ahead by less than 5 percent from the next closest candidate.  The two candidates would then square off in an election between the two.  It is believed that Gadea would likely get the votes of those who supported the candidates who did not make the run off election.  For Ortega it is imperative to win the election without having to go to a run off.

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  1. Michael Joseph says:

    What day is election?
    I was planning a trip to Granada for business and pleasure. this coming Saturday, Nov. 5. Is this a bad time to travel to Granada?

    • michaeltrolese says:

      Elections are on Sunday but you should be fine in Granada. Many things may be closed on Sunday with everyone heading to the voting locations. On Monday as long as nothing wacky happened the day before, everything should be back to normal.

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