2012 Nicaraguan Presidential Inauguration

Today is the Nicaraguan presidential inauguration for Daniel Ortega’s third term.  The who’s who of the leftist world will be attending the ceremony.  2012 Nicaraguan Presidential InaugurationThose attending include Iran President Ahmadinejad, Prince Felipe of Spain, and possibly Venezuelan president Chavez.  Zimbabwe President Mugabe is also sending a representative to attend the festivities in Nicaragua.  Many other Latin American leaders will be attending the ceremony.

Police from around the country have been brought in to keep the peace, making sure everything runs without a glitch.  President Ortega has pledged moderation for his third term as president even though he basically has control over every aspect of the government.  Hopefully no violence breaks out in the streets because that is the last thing Nicaragua needs.  On a side note the presidential inauguration has been good for local businesses especially hotels.  The large hotels with presidential suites are beneficiaries of this event with many of them at full capacity.  President Ahmadinejad is staying in the same suite that singer Ricky Martin did back in October when he was in town for a concert.

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