5 Tips for Stress-Free Travel in Nicaragua with Kids

Taking your children on vacation to Nicaragua can be tons of fun, but can also result in tons of headaches. Below are seven tips designed to help you enjoy a fun, stress-free vacation with your kids.

Traveling with Kids to Nicaragua

Kids like to draw, color, read, and play with action figures in the car. These days they can all of those things on an Ipad or another mobile device. Parents love these things because it makes traveling so much easier for their kids. The only problem that may arise is deciding whose turn it is to use it.

Purchase a cheap digital camera for each of your children. This allows each child to take pictures of those things that are most memorable, protects your expensive camera from clumsy little hands, and makes kids feel more grown up. Encourage your kids to take pictures of each other as well as the world around them. You can find digital cameras for under $30.

Road trip scavenger hunts are an old past-time, but you can put a high-tech spin on this old game. You can turn it into a Nica style scavenger hunt as you are driving from Granada to the San Juan del Sur. You can see who will be the first to spot a horse drawn carriage or who spots a motorcycle with the most passengers. The options are endless. With your kids you can decide ahead of time the list of things you will be on the lookout for.

When it’s time to take a bathroom or eating break, find a place with lots of space to run. Send the kids off to run while you stretch your legs. In Managua I would recommend one of the McDonalds with the large play ground. Let your kids expend some energy!

Let your kids take turns riding up front in the passenger seat, if they are old enough. This can be a reward for very good behavior, or just a planned fun thing. While driving it is a good idea to have snacks along in case the kids get hungry. You can also use the trip as an excuse to let your kids eat treats they don’t normally get to eat.

Prevent stress and headaches while making your trip more fun for your kids by following these tips.


  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    I like the article and especially the title! Just one food tip: There is a Pollo Narcy’s (chicken place, both fried and roasted) which is just after the “T” intersection of the road from Tipitapa and Carretera a Masaya. Most folks driving directly from the airport to the Golden Triangle area (Granada, San Juan del Sur, Ometepe, etc.) will be on that road from Tipitapa and turning left at that junction. Just to your left after the intersection is Pollo Narcy and a Papa John’s pizza, KM 28 1/2. These share a nice indoor shaded playground area and are on the way to most folk’s destinations. NicaLiving posted about this a while back.

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