Why Buy Real Estate in Nicaragua

Homes for sale in Nicaragua Real Estate

Nicaragua real estate is just what everyone is looking for.   San Juan del Sur beachfront properties for sale in as well as Granada real estate.  Vacation homes and retirement homes are available.  … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua


Experience the Best Beaches in Nicaragua! See beautiful San Juan del Sur beaches, bays, and coves up and down the Nicaraguan  coastline. Many provide world class waves and awesome surfing. Surfing, hotels, restaurants and more. … [Read more...]

Tourism in Nicaragua

Beach Tourism in Nicaragua

The expected vacation destination is no longer Costa Rica- people are now heading instead to Nicaragua. From the beaches, to the historic sites, from the rain forests to the city nightlife, Nicaragua has everything a traveler hopes to enjoy on their Central American vacation getaway.  … [Read more...]

Missions Work in Nicaragua

Over the years Nicaragua has had to deal with its fair share of war, natural disasters and political short comings.  In 1972 there was an earthquake in Managua that leveled much of the city.  In the 1980’s there was the civil war that resulted in the deaths of many, with many more orphaned children.  All these factors are the reason Nicaragua is the second poorest country in the western hemisphere.  Most people will only make a few dollars over the course of the day.  In spite of these numbers, Nicaragua has been blessed with a large number of people doing missions work.  These people come from around the world, from all walks of life.  These days when you fly down from the US you are almost guaranteed to have a mission’s team on the plane. Once in the country these teams work with schools, orphanages and churches around the country.  The church teams will come down and help churches provide outreach to the community.  These teams will work months ahead of time on … [Read more...]

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Thanks for joining our ENews update about Nicaragua!   We send email updates as local items of interest become available. … [Read more...]

Frequently Ask Questions About Travel in Nicaragua

Frequently Asked Questions on Nicaragua

Traveling to Nicaragua.  Answers to your questions about your trip to Nicaragua.  What is the weather in Nicaragua?  Is the country safe?  What do in case of an emergency?  Is there an entrance fee into Nicaragua? and many more questions … [Read more...]

The Best of Selva Negra, Nicaragua

Coffee farm in Selva Negra Nicaragua Central America

Selva Negra, Nicaragua makes our Best of list because it  is a real favorite. Selva Negra is  a coffee plantation located a few hours outside of Managua in the mountains near the town of Matagalpa.  It is an eco friendly estate located in the middle of a cloud rain forest.  Hiking is available to be able to go out and enjoy all the lush green surrounding the premises.  There is also a large amount of wild life, especially for those who enjoy bird watching.  This coffee farm is definitely a destination for nature lovers. … [Read more...]

Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

Rio San Juan Rain Forest off Lake Nicaragua

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is located at the southern end of Lake Nicaragua and connects the lake with the Caribbean.  It is in the middle of a rain forest with so many species of animals and plants.  … [Read more...]

Best Eco Friendly Destinations in Nicaragua and Central America

Best Eco-Friendly Tourism in Nicaragua

 The best eco-friendly attractions in Nicaragua are each unique in their own way.  They all provide something different for visitors.  Here is our Best Eco Friendly Destinations top 5 list. … [Read more...]

The Best of Granada Nicaragua

Church of Guadalupe Granadas colonial church Nicaragua

You cannot take a trip to Nicaragua and not take in the best of Granada attractions.  You can hike the Mombacho Volcano or enjoy a delicious meal at any of the best Granada restaurants.  … [Read more...]