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Montelimar is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Nicaragua.  It is owned by the Spanish hotel resort chain Barceló.  It is located an hour away from Managua and it is the only beach resort that is all-inclusive.

Barcelo Montelimar Nicaragua Magazine


The picturesque setting on the coast with all the coconut trees, greenery and its many pools make it an ideal tourist destination.   Standing at the entrance gate to the restort is a guard making sure you have reservations.  From there you will wind around on a street for half a mile to the check-in building.  Check-in time is after 2 pm.  The amount of time it takes depends on the season and time of day.  The busiest seasons are from December through April.


There are many activities in which to get involved.  During the day, one can play tennis, go for a walk on the beach or play some miniature golf.  The miniature golf leaves a lot to be desired but it can be a lot of fun if you are doing it with a group of people.  If you bring a surfboard, sometimes there can be decent waves breaking right off the shore.  The big highlight during the day is the large pool in the center of the resort.  It has an island in the middle where you can swim up and get some drinks or food.  They also have fun dance classes on the island in the afternoons.


You can also rent 4-wheelers at an extra cost to ride along the beach.  If you are a surfer and have your own transportation there are other better surf beaches close by.  About 20 minutes away is the beach of Quisala.  It is a beach break but the waves are usually better than at Montelimar.  Another beach is San Diego, which is about 30 minute drive and 5 minute walk.  It has a rocky bottom creating great waves when there is a good size swell.  You can leave in the morning after breakfast and get back in time for lunch.


The meals are buffet style served on the picturesque thatch roof restaurant on the sand.  You will definitely leave satisfied- the food never buffet is never-ending!  To top it off, you can have some dessert, which includes some of Nicaragua’s best ice cream.  Enjoy it while sitting outside under the shade of the coconut trees.


At night there is usually dancing at one of the bars that is located along the shore.  Weekends  there is usually a show put on up on the hill on the south side of the resort.  The show usually varies but they do a good job of getting the crowd involved.  They will pull people out of the crowd to volunteer in skits, dances or scavenger hunts that are part of the show.  If you have small children I would recommend doing some research beforehand on what the show will consist of for that night.  Some of the shows may not be appropriate for young children.


All in all, Montelimar is a great place to spend a few days relaxing on the beach and next to the pool.  By the time you leave, you will feel re-energized and ready for what’s next on your trip.

Montelimar Nicaragua View on the Shore

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