Best Attractions in Granada Nicaragua

Granada with all its history, charm and beauty is the destination of choice for inbound visitors to Nicaragua.  This colonial city has something to offer to everyone who comes through the city.  For history lovers it is hard to match any other city on the continent with Granada the second oldest city in the western hemisphere.  Those seeking adventure the Granada islets are nearby.  Visits can arrange boat tours, kayaking and swimming.  Zip lining down the Mombacho Volcano is also an option.  In other words you cannot go to Nicaragua without taking in all that Granada has to offer.

Granada Things To Do

Top Granada Attractions

1) City center of Granada
2) Granada Islets
3) Mombacho Volcano

The city center of Granada is where all the action starts.  Granada tourism is centered around the main park with historic cathedral on one side, the Alhambra hotel on the opposite side and a number of great restaurants nearby.  Visitors can enjoy a fun horse carriage rides around the city.  During the horse carriage tour visitors can learn of Granada’s rich history from the tour guide.  Riders will learn of the many attacks the city has endured from pirates, William Walkers stay in the city and the local politics of the city.  When you have worked up an appetite there is a number of outstanding restaurants to choose from.  Click here for our picks of the best restaurants in town.

Granada Things to Do

The Granada islets are unlike anything seen around the world.  These islands were formed hundreds of years ago from the volcanic eruption of Mombacho.  Three hundred and sixty small islands were formed and today they are a true tropical paradise.  Visitors can enjoy boat tours where will navigate through the islands.  On the tour they will see some beautiful islands with private vacation homes as well islands where locals have been living for hundreds of years.  The lake is also a great place for swimming, kayaking and skiing.

Granada Best things To Do

Mombacho Volcano has so much to offer to those who choose to venture to the top.  Shuttle services are provided for a small fee from the base of the volcano.  After going through the rain forest and reaching the top visitors can take a hike around the crater.  Half way through the hike there is a spectacular view where you can see Lake Nicaragua, the Granada islets and the city of Granada.  There is no other view that can match the ones from the top of Mombacho.  There is also more intense hikes deeper into the Mombacho forest but require a guide.  People can also do the Mombacho Canopy Tour.  This zip line tour takes people from the forest tree tops on an adventure through the forest.  The canopy tour is a great activity with groups of two or more people.

Best Things To Do Granada

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