Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Casares

Casares is a small fishing village that is right between La Boquita and Huehuete on the Nicaraguan coastline.  Every evening the sand is filled with the boats that have come back from a day of fishing.  Visitors can get some great fish and lobster from the fishermen that come back.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Casares

Casares does not have a wide variety of attractions but it does have a cute little hotel (El Casino Hotel) with affordable rates ($35).   For those just needing to get away to relax and read a book this may be the place for you.  It does not have the action and the crowds that go through San Juan del Sur but you can still have a great time and believe it or not it is the same ocean water that is at San Juan del Sur.  The hotel has a restaurant where you can enjoy some of that great seafood that is caught fresh daily.

Come to Casares, bring a good book, explore some of the neighboring beaches (Huehuete & La Boquita) and, most importantly, have some fun!

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