Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Huehuete

Huehuete is a quiet, peaceful beach where rocks line up much of the shore blocking the big waves that normally crash the Nicaraguan coastline.  Located just a few kilometers south of Casares, Huehuete is a completely different beach in every sense

Best Beaches in Nicaragua 

The beach is mostly lined with private homes and no public establishments.  The homes are owned by Nicaraguans from the city, many of which are probably from nearby Diriamba.  Many people love Huehuete beach because of all the rocks that line the shore, which block the waves creating beautiful tide pools and swimming holes.  There are also some open areas where you can enjoy playing in the waves.  Unless you know someone who owns property in Huehuete it is probably best to bring an umbrella for shade and lots of snacks and drinks.

Other beaches nearby include Casares and La Boquita

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