Best Beaches in Nicaragua – La Boquita

La Boquita is a nice, peaceful beach town located about a thirty minute drive from the hill town of Diriamba and a little over an hour away from Managua.  If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy some warm ocean water then this is the beach for you.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua La Boquita

Another website referred to La Boquita’s tourist center as having “world class restaurants, bars, and clubs” which is a completely inaccurate.  So for those expecting to go La Boquita and expect to find Nicaragua’s hot spot along coast, they will be very disappointed.  In many ways La Boquita is very similar to Pochomil beach.  There are many local restaurants, small hotels and some private homes.  Most of these restaurants and hotels are pretty simple, nothing like the ones you would find around San Juan del Sur.  If you want to spend the night, you could stay at the Palmas del Mar Hotel ($40).

La Boquita is not a “surfers” beach but it is a great place for those just starting out surfing.  There probably is not a place to rent surfboards so you would need to bring your own.  You could check the tourist center to see if they have any available to rent.  The long sandy beaches are great for sunbathing but for shade you would need to get under the shade of one of the thatch-roof restaurants.  One of the great things about La Boquita is that it is one of the cleanest public beaches in Nicaragua.  Like any other beach town, you can find a local restaurant that serves fresh seafood if you get hungry.

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