Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Pochomil and Masachapa

For those looking to make a quick trip to the beach from Managua may want to consider Pochomil or Masachapa.  The long, open beaches make these ideal places to go for a long walk along the beach.  Being just an hour away makes both of these destinations a popular spot among those wanting to make a trip to the beach from Managua.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Pochomil Masachapa

Masachapa is a small little beach town but it is not what one would consider a tourist destination but it can be fun to walk around.  Many of the locals rely on fishing as a source of income.  If you make it down to the beach there are some tide pools on the southern end of the beach.

Pochomil is the beach located five minutes south of Masachapa.  Sometimes there is someone at the entrance charging a small fee for vehicles coming through but the fee is no more than a few dollars.  Once you get in the entrance there will be a “T” in the road where you can either go to the left or right. Taking a right turn will take you to all the local thatch-roof establishments where you can park your car.  There will be people on the street trying to flag you into their place.  Many of these establishments have restaurants and you can leave your stuff while you take a dip in the water.  However, some of these establishments are funkier than other.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Pochomil ViejoIf you take a left  at the “T” you will go down a road a mile to “Pochomil Viejo” where all the private homes and some small hotels are.  If you are not staying in the hotels you may be able to park your car there for a small fee or maybe even for free if you going to purchase a meal at their restaurant.  I would recommend the Vistamar Hotel that is situated on a hill with a great view of the ocean.  The hotel has a walkway down to the beach where guests can get to the water.  One thing to be careful with at Pochomil is the current in the water.  This beach is known as having a strong current that can pull people further out in the water than they would like to be.  On a different note, Pochomil is a great place to do some boogie-boarding.  Don’t forget the Vistamar Hotel also has a beautiful curvy pool for guests to enjoy after they have taken a swim in the ocean.

One of the biggest attractions in Pochomil is the tide pools in Pochomil Viejo. From the Vistamar Hotel the tide pools are about a thirty-minute walk further south.  Once you get there you will be able to see all the rocks coming out of the sand.  When the tide is coming in it’s fun to watch the ocean waves come in and splash against the rocks.  Along the way you can see many of the beautiful private homes that have been built on this end of the beach.

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