Best Beaches Near León – Playa El Transito

El Transito beach is a laid-back fishing village that does not get much traffic coming through most of the year.  There is a spike in the population on the beach during Semana Santa (Easter Week) when most of the Nicaraguan population heads to the beach for a few days.  El Transito is about an hour and a half from Managua in the department (state) of León.  Visitors to El Transito can walk down the beach, explore some of the rocky areas that have popped up along the shore, or do some surfing.  El Transito is a beach break but it can have some good days where surfers can find some barrels.  There is a surf lodge located on the beach where visitors can stay overnight if need be.  For others, there are some calm waters where there is snorkeling, but don’t expect it to be like the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean.  You still may find some pretty cool things to see under the water.

Nicaragua Best Beaches El Transito

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  1. Bruce Coffman says:

    We are staying there now..awesome place, friendly people ,

  2. Silvio bravo says:

    Megusta la playa el transito

  3. elfi says:

    How do i get to El Transito by bus from Leon??
    Thank you!

    • Michael says:

      In Leon find the bus station where most of the buses leave for outside the city. Once you’re there ask around about which bus or buses to take to get you to El Transito. Best of luck!


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