Best Eco Friendly Destinations in Nicaragua and Central America

 The best eco-friendly attractions in Nicaragua are each unique in their own way.  They all provide something different for visitors.  Here is our Best Eco Friendly Destinations top 5 list.

 Eco-Friendly Destinations In Nicaragua

Top 5: Best Eco-Friendly Destinations in Nicaragua

1)      Rio San Juan, Nicaragua

2)      Selva Negra, Nicaragua

3)      Ometepe, Nicaragua

4)      Mombacho, Nicaragua

5)      The islands off Granada, Nicaragua

Rio San Juan (San Juan River) is located at the southern end of Lake Nicaragua and connects the lake with the Caribbean.  It is in the middle of a rain forest with so many species of animals and plants.  The best way to get to the Rio San Juan is to either take a short flight from the Managua airport or take a ferry across the lake from Granada to San Carlos.  San Carlos is a port town where the lake and the river meet.  From there you can take boat tours down the river and learn about the history of this area of Nicaragua.  It is down this river that sharks would come down towards the lake.  Lake Nicaragua has been known as the only fresh water lake with sharks.  No sharks have been seen in the lake for years.  Along the river there are many different eco-friendly hotels with each one offering different amenities and tours along the river.

Second on our list is Selva Negra, a coffee plantation located a few hours outside of Managua in the mountains near the town of Matagalpa.  It is an eco friendly estate located in the middle of a cloud rain forest.  Hiking is available to be able to go out and enjoy all the lush green surrounding the premises.  There is also a large amount of wild life, especially for who enjoy bird watching.  This coffee farm is definitely a destination for nature lovers.

Next on our list of eco-friendly destinations in Nicaragua is the island of Ometepe.  It is the largest fresh water island in the world.  There are two volcanoes located on the island.  The best way to get there is to take an hour ferry ride from the town of San Jorge.  On the island you can take tours around and up the two volcanoes.  The volcanoes have lush rainforests on them with unbelievable wildlife along with great views in each direction across the lake.

The Mombacho volcano is also a great alternative for an eco-friendly destination.  It is also closer to Managua and does not require a boat ride.  It is located about 15 minutes outside of Granada.  From the base you can take a shuttle to the top of the volcano.  At the top there is a lodge that has information on the history of the volcano and the wildlife that calls Mombacho home.  You can also take a hike around the crater where you’ll be witness to all wildlife.  On the other side of the crater there is a look out with a spectacular view of Granada and the islands the volcano formed on the lake when it erupted hundreds of years earlier.

The last of our top eco-friendly destination is the tour of the 365 little islands that were formed from the Mombacho volcano.  On the tour you can see how lush and beautiful these islands are.  It also gives you an idea on what kind of eruption it must have taken to form all these islands.

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  1. Mike @ Farmstay El Porton Verde says:

    Definitely a good start to the wealth of eco-friendly choices that visitors to Nicaragua can choose. A couple I can mention that are off the radar a bit are:

    Peñas Blancas Massif Natural Reserve in Jinotega Department
    In the vast Bosawás Biosphere Reserve, the largest protected area in Central America, you will find an astonishing total area of 119 square kilometers of pure primary forest known as the Peñas Blancas Massif. This is true adventure travel. There are hiking trails to elevations as high as 1,100 meters, waterfalls, and charming local communities to visit. There are a couple of ecolodge/ecoalbergue lodging options in Jinotega, and you might find some basic accommodations in El Cua or San Jose de Bocay, the nearest little pueblos to the Massif.

    Somoto Canyon National Monument in Madriz Department
    This is the Grand Canyon of Nicaragua. This is a hike to the top of the river then a float downstream. Hire a guide who has personal flotation devices and has an inner tube that he will use to guard your personal belongings. There are two decent hotels in Somoto, the Panamericano and the Colonial.

    Oh, and there’s at least one eco-friendly destination in Managua that I know of…

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