Best Hiking in Nicaragua – Concepción Volcano Ometepe

Concepción is the larger of the two volcanoes on the picturesque island of Ometepe.  As you approach Ometepe on the ferry the volcano appears to have the perfect shape of a cone.  Concepción rises over 4800 feet above sea level making it a perfect place to go for a long hike.  This beautiful volcano is one of the top attractions for visitors to Ometepe.

Best Hiking in NIcaragua

It may be wise to hire a guide to help you get to the top but you can also ask around for advice on where to start the journey to the top.  Guides are usually pretty easy to find, many times they will find you.  Upon arriving in Moyogalpa or Altagracia you can find a guide in either town.  I would suggest first finding a place to stay and wait until the next day to begin this long hike.  The entire hike to the top and back down can take up to ten hours.  Time always depends on the pace the group is going up the mountain. 

The first part of hike will begin in heavy rain forest conditions but as you make your way up the forest will begin to disappear.  The conditions will get dryer and there are lots of big rocks along the way that will test your endurance.  Along the way you will be able to see some of the pre-Columbian artwork and writings engraved on many of the large rocks.  Once you get to the top it is a world class view unlike any other.  If there is no could cover you can see 360 degrees around you.  Being on island in the middle of one of the largest lakes in the world makes it that much more spectacular.  If you are in good enough shape to do this steep climb you will not be disappointed.  Try it out!

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