Best Hotels on Ometepe – Places to Stay

Ometepe has many great places to stay where you can enjoy the wonderful wild life that is abundant on the island.  These hotels do not have the same facilities as the large hotels in Managua or San Juan del Sur but they give you an experience unlike any other.

Best Hotels on Ometepe

Here is a few of the best hotels on Ometepe.

Charco Verde Hotel
Finca San Juan de la Isla Lodge
La Omaja Hotel

Best Places to Stay on OmetepeCharco Verde Hotel is located six miles from Moyogalpa, the main port city on the island of Ometepe.  The name Charco Verde comes from the green lagoon that is a short walk from the hotel cabins.  The hotel is next to a beautiful ecological reserve that includes the Green Lagoon.  Charco Verde is definitely a unique place to stay.  I would compare the hotel facilities similar to what you would find on Corn Island except, instead of the tropical Caribbean beach, you feel like you are in the middle of the Amazon rain forest while staying at the Charco Verde.  The hotel can arrange other tours around the island including hiking both the Concepcion and Maderas volcanoes.  This is great place for those seeking an adventure, especially those nature enthusiasts.  Room rates start at $35 a night.

Best Places to Stay on OmetepeFinca San Juan de la Isla Lodge is on its way to being one of the best hotels on the island of Ometepe.  The lodge is located along the Santo Domingo sand beaches, which are the nicest beaches on the island, giving it a prime location.  The gorgeous scenery surrounding this little piece of paradise is truly one of a kind.  Come enjoy a few days at the Finca lodge where you can hike, kayak, swim, and go horseback riding in one of the most beautiful areas in Nicaragua.  At this point the Finca San Juan might seem a little overpriced for what they offer but keep any eye on them as they continue to expand and offer more for what you pay.  Room rates start at $85 for two people.

Best Places to Stay on OmetepeLa Omaja Hotel is a great option for those traveling through Ometepe.  The hotel is located on a hillside with a great view of its surroundings and the Cocibolca lake (Lake Nicaragua).  The property grounds are full of lush greenery where guests can relax and have a great time in the middle of this beautiful scenery.  La Omaja has an advantage of being a little further inland that results in less mosquitoes and bugs but it won’t eliminate all of them because, after all, this is the tropics.  Next time you visit the island, strongly consider staying at La Omaja Hotel.  They will do their best to make sure your stay is worthwhile.  Their rates are very affordable and a great place for families traveling on a budget.  Room rates start at $45 per night.

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