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León just like Granada is one of the oldest cities on the continent but does not get the same attention probably because it is not situated next to Lake Nicaragua and right at the foot of a volcano.  León is definitely a great place to spend some time during your Nicaragua vacation.  You can learn a lot about the history of the city and Nicaragua as whole from León.  León does not have the amount of quality hotels that Granada boasts but there are some great places to stay.  Here are couple:

 Best Hotels Leon

Top León Hotels

1)      Hotel El Convento

2)      Hotel La Perla

3)      Hotel Real

If you are looking for a place to spend the night and have a good meal, look no further than the Hotel El Convento.  The name of the hotel comes from its history.  The building used to be a convent back in 1639.  The name of it was the San Francisco Convent.  Today it has remained true to its history keeping in that colonial style architecture.  Rooms are equipped with wireless internet, cable television, air conditioning, electronic door keys and more.  Guests can also enjoy a great dining experience at this hotel.  They have a wide variety of fancy seafood dishes as well as other options for the non seafood lovers.  Breakfast is included for all those staying at the hotel.  The hotel is also equipped to host banquet events, wedding receptions or business meetings.  Room rates start at $85 per night.

Best Hotels in Leon

La Perla Hotel is definitely worth the stay in León.  The hotel is in a beautiful colonial building that has been remodeled and designed in a way that stays true to its roots.  The rooms in the hotel all feel like they were decorated and arranged by a professional.   The hotel has fifteen rooms.  Most of the rooms are on the second floor where guests can enjoy a view of the city from their room.  There is also a pool onsite for guests to lounge next to or take a refreshing break from the afternoon León heat.  La Perla also has a full functioning restaurant that guests can choose to dine at if they do not want venture away from the comfort and ease of the hotel.  Rooms in the hotel come equipped with a mini bar, air conditioning, cable television, wireless internet and oversized beds.  They also offer a transfer service at an additional cost for those guests that need to get back to Managua, Masaya, Granada or San Juan del Sur.  Room rates start at $80 per night.

Best Hotels in Leon

Hotel Real is a charming little hotel for those visitors that do not want to spend the money to stay at El Convento or La Perla.  Hotel Real is a quality hotel that has nice, clean facilities.  Services include wireless internet, shuttle service, mini bar, air conditioning, hot water and more.  One of the highlights of this hotel is the roof terrace area where guest can relax in while watching the León skyline.  A complimentary breakfast is included for guests staying in the hotel.  Hotel Real is definitely a great option for those wanting to spend a night or two in León.

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