Best Managua Coffee Shops – Mama Quilla

Over the last few years the coffee shop craze has hit Nicaragua with coffee shops popping up in cities like Granada, León and, of course, Managua.  One of the truly great coffee shops is Mama Quilla.  Located just outside Managua on the Masaya Highway on kilometer 12, it’s a bit out of the way but what they have to offer is worth the drive.  It is a great place to stop if you are on the way to Masaya or Granada.

Best Coffee Shops in Managua Mama Quilla

Mama Quilla gets its coffee from the Finca Monimbo in the Matagalpa region of the country.  Matagalpa has the ideal climate for growing coffee and clients of Mama Quilla can tell the difference.  Mama Quilla visitors can enjoy a wide variety of drinks, from the usual staples like straight black coffee to a vanilla latte; they have it all.  They can also make you something more exotic like a hot raspberry mocha or an iced almond mocha.  There is not enough room on this article to list all of their drinks!  Among other drinks they have delicious fruit smoothies, yummy marshmallow milkshakes, chai tea lattes and much more.

If you were worried that they only serve drinks, cast those fears aside.  Mama Quilla’s serves some of the best pastries in the country.  Nicaragua is not known for their pastries, which many foreigners crave when they come to Nicaragua, but Mama Quilla has great pastries to help satisfy these cravings.  Their pastries are homemade and it makes the world of a difference.  Guests can also enjoy scrumptious pesto or pepperoni paninis.

Visitors to Nicaragua should definitely make the trip to Mama Quilla.  They will not be disappointed.  There is something for everyone to try at this cute coffee shop.  Hot drinks, iced drinks, fruit drinks, sweet pastries, and salty pastries, Mama Quilla has it all.  Enjoy a relaxing hour (or two) at Mama Quilla unwinding before beginning the rest of your Nicaraguan adventure.

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