Best Managua Museums

Managua is the center of city life for the entire country of Nicaragua.  It is the largest city with lots of attractions for visitors to take part in.  There are countless number of theaters, shopping malls, casinos, dance clubs and more for visitors to enjoy.  For the more intellectuals there are more educational attractions to visit.

Best Managua Museums

1)      National Museum

2)      Rubén Darío National Theater

3)      Huellas de Acahualinca Museum

The National Museum is in the old center of town and is the home of National Library and the National Archives as well as the National Museum.  Museum guests can be treated to tours where they will be able to see paintings, ceramic pottery, Pre-Columbian artifacts and much more.  Some of the displays are thousands of years old and visitors can see some of the fossilized remains of a mastodon.  There is even a Natural History exhibit where it shows some of the volcanic and earthquake history Nicaragua has faced over time.

The Rubén Darío National Theater is named after Nicaragua’s most famous poet and hosts many art exhibitions and presentations both local and international.  The theater is also located in the old center of town near Lake Managua in a beautiful large building that definitely does the theater justice.  The theater has been host to international symphonies, Chinese gymnastics teams, local folklore presentations as well as art exhibitions.  This multi-use theater is one of the gems of the city and is definitely worth attending one the many events and presentations that are held in it throughout the year.

The Huellas de Acahualinca is a small museum near Lake Managua.  In 1874 ancient footprints were discovered and later estimated to be six thousand years old.  These foot prints from ten different people are said to be the oldest footprints in the American continent.  It is a very small museum with a few other Pre-Columbian artifacts but they main draw is these ancient footprints.

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