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Managua has the best nightlife in all of Nicaragua with a wide variety of restaurants, bars, clubs, casinos and movie theaters.  Most of the movies playing in the theaters are current ones that are playing in the United States.  Many of the summer blockbusters premiers at the same time in Nicaragua. 

Movie Theaters in Managua Nicaragua

The best part about it is that admission prices are fraction of what they cost in the US.  There are also VIP theaters in Managua that cost more but the movies are shown in rooms where guests can enjoy large reclining chairs along with a wait staff.  They can order a glass of wine and a nice meal.  The VIP theaters are a huge treat for those wanting to really enjoy a movie and even though it costs a little more it is still less than a regular priced admission in the US. 

Theater Directory:

Galerias Mall Cinemas (Has a VIP Room)
Metrocentro Mall Cinemark
InterPlaza Cinemas
Alhambra Oriente (Has a VIP Room)
Alhambra Horizonte

Regular Admission Price:  $3
VIP Admission Price:  $7

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