Best Medical Tourism in Nicaragua

Rising healthcare costs in the United States has made people look abroad for medical care.  Nicaragua is becoming more and more of a great option for these Americans that cannot afford medical procedures in their home country. 

Medical Tourism in NIcaragua

Nicaragua has great doctors many of which have been trained in universities in the US.  There are also top quality facilities and equipment in many of these hospitals.  One hospital that has state of the art facilities, equipment and great doctors is the Vivian Pellas Hospital Metropolitano.  Hospital Metropolitano is by far the best hospital in the country but there numerous other hospitals and clinics where you can get quality care.

Medical procedures done in Nicaragua

 Orthopedic Surgery
• Bariatric Surgery
• Cosmetic & Plastic Surgery
• General Surgery
• Gynecological Surgery

Vivian Pellas Hospital Metropolitano medical packages include:

• Operating and recovery room
• Anesthesia
• Surgical and medical equipment
• Medications and supplies
• Medical Fees of doctors registered in the plan
• VIP Room
• Free Internet Access
• One-day City Tour through Amazing Nicaragua
• A full relaxing massage session
• Medical Tourism Hospitality amenities

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