Best Nicaragua Surf Breaks – Quisala

Quisala (sometimes spelled Quizala) is a beach break surf spot located an hour from Managua.  It can be a great spot for beginners to intermediate surfers.  Because it is a beach break conditions can vary so it is best to keep an eye on the swell.  

Best Nicaragua Surfing Quisala

The best time to surf Quisala is when it is about head high early in the morning or late in the afternoon.  You can get some nice long rides that make it worth it.  Another plus is there are never any crowds so surfers do not have to worry about fighting for waves.  This is not one of Nicaragua’s best surf spots but it is a great spot if you want to make a quick trip to the beach from Managua.  From the water surfers can see the Montelimar beach resort off in the distance.

To get there from Managua, if you are heading in the direction to Pochomil you would take a right about the kilometer marker 58.5 and drive down a dirt road for about two kilometers and then take a left for another two kilometers.  Once you get to the beach you will see some homes but the better waves are located several blocks north around calle 13.

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