Best Nicaragua Surf Report

Nicaragua is in a prime location for your next surf destination.  On the Pacific coastline Nicaragua can get swells that come from all directions.  The different breaks on the coastline all favor different swells so there is always a wave to be had.  One beach may be small but just a few miles away another break can be ripping.

Surf Report for Nicaragua

Nicaragua’s prime surfing season is from March through November but in those off months there is still great surf that comes in, it just might not be as consistent or as big as the prime months.  One benefit of those off months is the crowd factor.  Most of the surf camps are shut down during those months, therefore there is less surfers coming through.  One of the reasons Nicaragua is one of the few places that has great surf year round is because of the offshore winds it has 300 days a year.  These offshore winds are a result of Lake Nicaragua being so close to the coast.  The lake causes these offshore winds that result in prime surfing conditions.   The location of the lake has a lot to with the consistency of the waves in southern Nicaragua.

Nicaragua has waves for all levels surfers, from beginners to professional surfers who want to surf quadruple overhead barrels.  The coastline is filled with great reef breaks, point breaks and believe it or not world class beach breaks.  There is even a wave where if the conditions are right you could ride a wave for 400 meters.  Not too many surf breaks in the world can make that claim.  Check out the best waves in the different areas of Nicaragua:

            *Southern Nicaragua Surf Spots

            *Central Nicaragua Surf Spots

            *Northern Nicaragua Surf Spots

So what are you waiting for?  Nicaragua is just a two flight from the United States.  You can be in the US in morning and surfing in Nicaragua by the afternoon.  Book your next surf adventure to Nicaragua.

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