Best Nicaraguan Cigars – Mombacho Cigars

During your stay in Granada one of the best attractions to visit is Mombacho Cigars.  Mombacho Cigars is a local Granada company with international recognition.  The tobacco is locally grown from the rich volcanic soil that is blessed with the nutrients to grow high quality tobacco.

Best Granada Attractions

When you visit Mombacho Cigars you will be treated to a tour of the facilities and for $10 you can participate in rolling you own cigar.  It may not come out perfectly but everyone says it is worth trying.  Many times someone who is not into cigars will tag along for the tour and by the end they enjoyed it just as much.  Although Nicaragua is relatively new to the international cigar scene, it is making great headway.  Nicaraguan cigars are known for their smoothness and natural taste.  Mombacho Cigars are said to have a hint of chocolate in them.  For those who are in the never-ending search for a perfect cigar or those who just want to try something different give Mombacho Cigars a try. They are located right on the Calzada street, near the central park in town.

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