Best Nicaraguan Music – Tony Melendez

Tony Melendez is one of Nicaragua’s best musicians.  He plays the guitar and does concerts locally and abroad, even performing for Pope John Paul II.  Best Nicaragua Music Tony MelendezMost people that go to his concerts usually end up in tears and determined to not make excuses for their life.  This is not because he is the best guitar player in the world but because he plays the guitar without the use of his hands and arms.

Melendez was born with out arms but he did not use that as an excuse to not do anything with his life.  At the age of ten he decided to give  music a try learning to play the guitar with his feet.  With one foot he makes notes and with the other foot he strums the guitar.  Even though he is playing the guitar with his feet the music he produces is amazing and beautifully crafted.  It really is a remarkable to see and those lucky enough to see him perform say it is very empowering and emotional.  If someone like Melendez can make the most of this situation, then we can all do more with what God has given us.  If you have the opportunity to go to one of his performances definitely take advantage of it.


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