Best Nicaraguan Vacation – Custom Designed Tour

 There are many Nicaraguan companies that offer many different tours of Nicaragua.  Most of them give you a few different options for length of tours that people can choose from.  That is great but what if you want to spend less time in museums and more time at the beach?  What if you want to do a tour that focuses on hiking most of Nicaragua’s volcanoes?  What if you want to spend most of your time fishing and scuba diving?

Nicaraguan Custom Designed Tour

We are working on helping those of you interested in visiting Nicaragua by working with you on designing a program where you get to do what interests you the most.  Whether it is hiking volcanoes, colonial city life, lounging on the beach or something entirely different we want to be able to arrange a program that is suited for your needs.  Being an American that grew up in Nicaragua I have seen most of Nicaragua and usually have a good idea what works for people.

The way this would work you would first tell us how much time you want to spend in Nicaragua.  In addition you would also let us know what activities interest you the most.  You can also tell us what kind of hotels you would like to stay at (Eco-lodge, Boutique Hotels or a fancy Resort).  Just a few minutes worth of feedback can make a huge difference on your experience in Nicaragua.  Once we have some feedback we will begin helping you design your Nicaraguan vacation.  Because this is a custom designed tour you will have the final say in your Nicaraguan tour.  We can arrange everything from hotel bookings to transportation and activities.  It is entirely up to you.  We can even design a program where you can look into real estate for sale.  We have a large number of contacts and we can make this an amazing trip for you.  Let us help you save time and money by getting the Nicaraguan vacation/tour YOU WANT.  We will be in contact with you well before your trip begins and throughout your trip.

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