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Granada is located just at the foot of the Mombacho volcano.  Mombacho is the volcano that erupted hundreds of years ago forming 360 little islands on Lake Nicaragua.  Today Mombacho is a national park, home to a large cloud rainforest that is home to a diverse and magnificent wildlife.

Nicaragua Magazine Mombacho Volcano

If you are in the area you should take advantage and take a day trip to the top of the volcano.  You can start out by going to the base of the volcano where they have big trucks designated to shuttle visitors up the volcano.  The shuttle usually takes between 20 to 30 minutes to reach the top.  Along the way you will see coffee plantations that use the climate and altitude to produce quality coffee beans. At the top, there is a lodge where visitors can learn more about Mombacho’s history, the wildlife, and what to expect during a hike around the crater.  

Once through with orientation on the volcano, you can begin the hike around the main crater.  You can either arrange to have a guided tour with a park tour guide or just hike it on your own with your group.  The hike is safe as long as you stay on the trail.  However, you can hire a guide if you want someone to provide inside knowledge as you are going around the crater.  Along the trail you will be able to see the wildlife first hand with all the plants and animals that cohabitate in this cloud forest environment.  

Best of Nicaragua Mombacho VolcanoHalfway through the trail there is a lookout point over the crater.  This is an open area where there is a spectacular view of the surrounding regions below the volcano.   From there you get a good view of Granada and Lake Nicaragua.  More impressive is the view of the Isletas, the little islands formed from the volcanic eruption.  This view gives you a sense of the power of the volcanic eruption to form those islands that look so far away.  There are many great places to take pictures along this hike. 

After finishing up the hike, one can choose to go on another hike that is slightly more dangerous. This second hike is much steeper and more challenging.  This hike requires a guide who knows the terrain well and can help you when needed.  You can also choose to do the canopy tour on the mountain.  It is a beautiful tour that guides you through and over the rain forest of the volcano on a zip line from one tree to the next.


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