Best of Granada – Museums

Granada, Nicaragua with all its history has a wide range of attractions for visitors to take part in.  Granada has some great museums that we suggest visitors take a few hours out of their day and visit.  Here are some of the museums in Granada

Best Granada Nicaragua Museums

1)      Chocolate Museum

2)      San Francisco Convent Museum

3)      Casa Sacuanjoche Art Gallery

The Chocolate Museum (locally known as the ChocoMuseum) is a fun option for those traveling through León.  Chocolate lovers visiting the museum will have the opportunity to learn about the history of chocolate and how it is made from the cacao bean.  Guests can take part in workshops where they will take part in the process of making the chocolate.  The chocolate produced is completely natural with no preservatives.  They make all different kinds of chocolate including chocolate with nuts, fruit and liquor.  There is also the option of taking a tour of the cacao farm.  This is great family activity that even kids can enjoy.

The San Francisco Convent Museum in Granada is a great option for history buffs.  The convent, which is attached to a church, was first erected in 1525.  It was burned down twice by English pirates in 1665 and 1685.  One of the highlights of the convent is the ancient catacombs that are buried below.  Within the walls of the catacombs it is estimated that the remains of up to 75,000 people are kept.  There is also a library where guest can look at books and paintings that depict the violent history of the city of Granada.  They have statues that date back to 800 to 1200 AD built by early inhabitants to Nicaragua.  This is a great museum to learn more about the history of Granada from the very beginning.

The Casa Sacuanjoche Art Gallery, also in Granada, is a great place to be able to admire the local art.  The artwork is done by local Alvaro Berroteran.  He boasts different styles and mediums in his work.  His art ranges goes from oil painting to ink drawings.  The central theme throughout the gallery is Granada.  It is a great place for visitors to look at Granada through the perspective of a local artist’s work.  Visitors have the opportunity to purchase a little piece of Nicaragua in a piece of art.

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