Best of Jinotega – Lago de Apanas

Northern Nicaragua is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in Nicaragua.  Most people think about Nicaragua’s beautiful beaches when planning their next vacation but the mountains in Jinotega is quickly attracting more and more visitors each year.

Jinotega Lago de Apanas

Areas in northern Nicaragua attract different kinds of tourists than those seeking beach.  It offers a cool climate, lush greenery, beautiful coffee farms, unbelievable wildlife and the overall lifestyle.  Jinotega is at an altitude above 3000 feet above sea level making it much cooler than Managua.  Temperatures at night and in the early morning can dip down where you would actually need a sweater.  This is very different from the beach climate along the Nicaraguan coastline.  For visitors who still want to enjoy some water sports the Lago de Apanas (Lake Apanas) is just a few miles from the city of Jinotega.  This is a man made lake that was created during the Somoza dictatorship.  This 12 mile lake is unlike any other in Nicaragua and with the beautiful, lush greenery around the mountains nearby makes it a picturesque tourist destination.

Investors have seen the potential around this lake and they want to make it an attractive tourist and retirement option for visitors.  Among the fun activities for visitors include

Bird watching

Nearby is the famous Bosawas Biosphere Reserve which is an ideal attraction for those nature lovers coming to Nicaragua.  The Bosawas Biosphere Reserve like many of the other reserves in Nicaragua has been exceptionally preserved to keep the natural habitat from being affected by the outside world.  This gives visitors the opportunity to take in the Nicaraguan wildlife at its absolute best.

Other nearby attractions include…

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