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Managua has many great boutique hotels that can accommodate guests that have different expectations for their trips and do not want to stay at the large hotels like the Intercontinental Hotel.  These boutique hotels provide a unique experience for their guests that cannot be matched by large hotel chains.  They provide different unique themes that are attractive to guests.  The hotels are built around exceptional service to guests and their experience while staying in the hotel.

Best Boutique Hotels in Managua Nicaragua

Top 5

1)      Hotel Boutique Villa Maya

2)      Hotel Casa Naranja

3)      Hotel Internacional

4)      Hotel Contempo

5)      Hotel Los Robles

The Hotel Boutique Villa Maya is located just five minutes from the Galerias mall along the Masaya Highway.  This is a boutique-style hotel that has beautiful rooms tastefully decorated.  All the rooms are different and unique in their layout and décor.  The grounds are filled with beautiful, lush gardens.  There is also nice pool for guests to enjoy.  This hotel is perfect for those looking for a relaxing hotel worry-free about noisy groups in adjacent rooms.  The guests that tend to stay at this hotel respect the other guests in the hotel.  The hotel has a colonial-Mediterranean style and environment.  Room rates start at $55 a night.

Best Boutique Hotels in Managua NicaraguaHotel Casa Naranja is located near the center of town close to the Intercontinental Hotel and the Princess Hotel.  Casa Naranja is a similar hotel to the Boutique Villa Maya in that it is a small, beautiful hotel that provides their guests with unparalleled service.  Staying at the Casa Naranja is a one-of-a-kind experience.  They offer airport pick-up, complimentary breakfast, wireless internet and more.  The hotel can even provide guests with a temporary cell phone to use during the day.  Car rental arrangements are available as well as tours of the city for their guests.  The hotel can arrange a round of golf for guests at the country club in town.  Room rates start at $85 per night.

Hotel Internacional is in the heart of Managua with all the great attractions nearby.  The hotel has 22 bedrooms that all come with air conditioning, quality bedding & towels, cable television, hot water and wireless internet access.  There is a complimentary breakfast. For guests staying at least two nights a free airport shuttle is offered.  The hotel is stylishly decorated from the bedrooms to the living area in the hotel.  The hotel is family-run which adds to the service they are trying to provide the guests staying at the hotel.  Room rates start at $112 a night.

Best Boutique Hotels in Managua NicaraguaHotel Contempo- it’s all in the name! It is a contemporary boutique hotel in Managua.  Hotel Contempo is a luxury hotel with 18 rooms and a modern feel.  All the furnishings, from the bed frame to the sinks, have that modern feel to them.  Their Azul Restaurant receives wonderful reviews for the food and service from guests who stay there.  The hotel is about twenty minutes outside of Managua but if you have the opportunity to stay at the Contempo it is definitely worth it.  Room rates start at $95 a night.

Hotel Los Robles is a beautiful hotel with a colonial theme.  From the tile roof to the furniture inside and outside, everything is top quality.  Located just five minutes from the Metrocentro mall, Los Robles is close to the entertainment-filled section of Managua.  Close by there is a variety of restaurants, nightclubs, pool halls, casinos, shopping malls, and movie theaters.  The hotel does an outstanding job of making guests feel like they are in a secluded world yet so close the heart of Managua.  Services and amenities are similar to the other boutique hotels in Managua, including internet access, cable television, air conditioning, hot water and more.  Room rates start at $85 per night.

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