Best of Managua – Xiloa Lagoon

The Xiloa (pronounced “Hiloa”) Lagoon was once one of the most popular spots for locals from Managua.  With Xiloa being less than thirty minutes from Managua in the Chiltepe Peninsula Natural Reserve, it provided an easy option to go take a refreshing dip on a hot day.  Over the years the lack of maintenance to the grounds and facilities caused the park grounds to get a bit run down.  As a result through the years less and less people would go to Xiloa even though it is still as beautiful as ever.

Best of Managua Xiloa Lagoon

Today Nicaragua’s tourism industry is trying to promote Xiloa and even though they are having a tough time they have begun to clean up the park and make it more attractive to tourists.  Xiloa is a volcanic lake and even though there are shallow areas near the shore there are places where it gets deep from step to the next.   In spite of its size it is probably one of Nicaragua’s deepest lakes. 

Xiloa is a great place for swimming, kayaking or water skiing.  The Red Cross and Nicaraguan national swimming teams will use Xiloa for training exercises.  There are covered areas along the shore where you can have your picnic or bring stuff for a barbeque.  It is hard to imagine something so beautiful and close to Managua being underused.  For those wanting a little more adventure, instead of entering the park keep driving along the road until you get beyond the lake.  On the other side of the lake if on hike up to the top of the hills/mountain there is another lake inside a crater.  The crater is a steep climb down to the water so one needs to be careful but for those adventure seeking tourists, it might be just what they are looking for.  The name of that lagoon is Apoyeque.  The top of the mountain provides great views of Lake Managua, the city of Managua and the volcanoes Momotombo and Momotombito.

Don’t miss out on an opportunity to check out Xiloa if you have an hour or two to spare while you are in Managua.

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