Best of Masaya Craft and Artisan Market

The Masaya Artisan Market is among the best in Nicaragua.  This artisan market is the best place for tourists to do some of their shopping for local artisan crafts.  The market is safer than the Oriental Market in Managua.  The area of Masaya is famous for its arts and crafts and definitely a great place to begin your shopping.  The Masaya Market is also solely focused on local artisan crafts unlike the Roberto Huembes market in Managua that sells many artisan crafts but also sells piñatas, watches, clothes and shoes.

Best of Masaya Nicaragua Market

The Masaya Market is the safest in the country but like any market in Nicaragua you should be careful with your valuables so you’re not a victim of petty theft.  To be safe put your watch and wallet in your front pocket, always keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings.  One of the aspects tourists love this market is because there is less hustle and bustle.  Other markets can be a little stressful if one is feeling they are being hustled by different sellers.

Among items that can be purchased at the market include

  • Pottery
  • Hammocks
  • Local crafts
  • Nicaraguan traditional clothing
  • Woodwork (bowls, trays, etc)
  • Paintings
  • Locally made music instruments
  • Jewelry

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  1. Ajay says:

    Char De Vazquez – I’m one of the owners of La Posada Azul, the liltte hotelyou photographed in San Juan Del Sur. I love your photos, andthink you caught that wonderful innocence of Nicaragua.Much of the country is lovely for what they don’t have ,WalMart, Office Depot, and Target.Bravo. You are not only a very good photographer, but insightfulas well.Saludos!Char

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