Best of Masaya, Nicaragua – Laguna de Apoyo

The beautiful volcanic lagoon of Apoyo is nestled  between Masaya and Granada with the two departments’ boundary line going through it.  The lagoon is a thing of beauty and definitely worthy of those postcard pictures.  

Best of Nicaragua Apoyo Lagoon

From above the lake takes the shape of a bowl. Just above the surface of the water the ground rises, making steep, natural walls that make up the perimeter of the lake.  The lake has a similar shape and look as that of Crater Lake in Oregon.  Not nearly as deep as Crater Lake, the Apoyo Lagoon reaches a depth of 200 meters in the deepest areas.  The lush, green wildlife surrounding it supplies the dark blue color of the lagoon with a beautiful contrast.

Best of Masaya and Granada Laguna de Apoyo

The postcard-worthy Apoyo Lagoon is an ideal destination spot for visitors to Nicaragua.  At the edge of the Apoyo Lagoon there are a few hotels and private homes but one of the best places to stay is at the The Villas at Apoyo.  They are a fully equipped hotel with 1, 2, and 3 bedroom villas and apartments.  There is a full restaurant onsite as well as a gorgeous infinity pool that overlooks the lagoon.  Even if you are not staying overnight, you may be able to enjoy some of the great amenities of the hotel as long (as you are going to purchase a meal from the restaurant!) 

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Among the activities to take advantage of during your stay are swimming, kayaking and hiking.  One can hike to the top to the Mirador de Catarina (Catarina Lookout) that overlooks the whole lagoon.  From this lookout you can see Granada and the Mombacho Volcano in the distance.  You should definitely be in good physical shape to do this hike because of the incline on the trail.  Also, during the rainy season, the trail can get very muddy so be careful!  Another exciting activity would be scuba diving in the lagoon.  A scuba expedition would need to be arranged ahead of time but is definitely something to look into.

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