Best of Nicaragua Surfing – What to Bring

For those planning surf vacation to Nicaragua they should come prepared with everything they will need for the trip.  For those who have been on surf trips before these may be no brainers but here are some of the surf essentials.

Nicaragua Magazine Best of Surfing

Extra surfboard
Surf Wax
Rash Guard
Bug repellent

Many surfers will bring an extra surfboard on their trip because the last thing they want to do is be in day two of their seven day trip and have the board break I during one of the sessions in the water.  Also different boards are suited for different kinds of waves.  Better to come prepared for whatever Nicaragua will toss your way.  Many times surfers will leave a surfboard with a local kid who does not have one.  It is not expected but for locals who can’t afford to buy a surfboard it is greatly appreciated.   This is how a lot of them get started on surfing.  A generous gesture to the locals who are letting surfers come and surf their waves.

The other items on the list are pretty self explanatory.  Surf wax is hard to find in Nicaragua so unless you are at a surf camp you better bring your own because they do not sell it along the beach.  Cash is important because there are no ATM machines along the remote beaches.  You can also use cash to tip people to watch your belongings or vehicle while the group is in the water.  Your sessions in the water can be that much more enjoyable by keeping your mind at ease that your stuff won’t be stolen.  Bug repellent is good to bring down because you do not know where you will be staying and the last thing you want to do is wake up in the morning covered in mosquito bites.  The bugs can be pretty bad at times, especially at the beginning of the raining season.

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