Best of Northern Nicaragua – Somoto Canyon

The Somoto Canyon is unlike any other attraction in Nicaragua.  With the Honduran border in sight, it is a bit off the beaten path from the usual hot spots near the city or the beach.  

Best of Northern Nicaragua

Located a few miles outside the town of Somoto and about an hour drive from Estelí, the Somoto Canyon has a river that runs through its steep walls.  The adventurous may try hiking along the river path. You can also get a small boat to take you up the river and then float back down on an inner tube. 

Best of Northern Nicaragua

For visitors that have never been to the Somoto Canyon it is best to arrange a tour with a local tour agency.  There are many in the town of Somoto but one reputable group is called TreeHuggers Tours, located in the Café Luz and Hospedaje Luna in Estelí.  You may consider staying the night at the Café Luz and Hospedaje Luna. It is a great place to find other foreigners like you exploring this area of Nicaragua.  TreeHuggers Tours can arrange a variety of different tours for the Somoto Canyon.  Some tours may involve hiking along the walls that line the canyon. 

These tours departing from Estelí can range anywhere from 4 to 6 hours total.  This is definitely the easiest way to enjoy the Somoto Canyon but we understand that some visitors are on a tight budget.  First check out TreeHuggers to see if it’s the right fit and price. If that doesn’t fit your needs, you can get to the canyon on your own either by bus, taxi or your own vehicle.  Once you get to the Somoto Canyon there are many local guides that can take you up the river in a small boat. Negotiate a price from the beginning, this way it can be more affordable.

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