Best of Ometepe – Maderas Volcano

If you find yourself on the island of Ometepe, a trip to the southern end of the island is a must. There you will find the Maderas volcano which is less populated than the rest of island.  The volcano has an altitude of 1,394 meters above sea level.

Volcano Maderas Waterfalls Nicaragua

The hike is much less strenuous than climbing the Concepcion Volcano which is steeper and a higher elevation.  It is a beautiful hike to the top that takes 3 to 5 hours climbing and about 2 to 4 hours back down.  The time it takes depends on the pace you want to go.  If no one in your group has gone before it is recommended to hire a guide to take you to the top. 

For a less strenuous hike, on the edge of the Maderas volcano there are the beautiful San Ramón waterfalls.  The waterfalls are in the middle of a lush, green cloud forest.  The falls can only be accessed by hiking up 4 miles from the village of San Ramón.  There is a $3 fee to hike up to the waterfalls.  Going with a group or a guide is recommended for safety precautions.  The climb up goes through farm land and into the rain forest where you end up at the falls.  The waterfalls are an impressive site being over 120 feet tall.

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