Best of Ometepe – Ometepe Ferry Schedule

The best way to get to and from Ometepe is by boat.  There are numerous boats and ferries that go back and forth between San Jorge on the mainland and Moyogalpa on the island of Ometepe. 


Best of Ometepe Ferry Schedule

The cost per passenger is a little under $2 (40 cordobas) one way.  One of the ferries can transport vehicle over to Ometepe for around $30 each way.  This can be help for those visitors that have rented vehicles during there stay in Nicaragua.  But don’t worry if you do not have a vehicle there many taxis on the island and a hotel in Moyogalpa rents vehicles by the day if you choose.  Another option is to take one of the ferries that travel from Granada to Ometepe twice a week.  This ferry leaves docks in the town of Altagracia.  It is a good option if you do not want to go to San Jorge but because it is only twice a week it may limit your options.  Here is the ferry schedule to Ometepe from San Jorge.

San Jorge to Moyogalpa

7:45 Ferry 
9:00 Lancia 
9:30 Lancia 
10:30 Ferry 
11:30 Lancia 
13:30 Lancia 
14:30 Ferry 
15:30 Lancia 
16:30 Lancia 
17:30 Ferry 

Moyogalpa to San Jorge

5:30 Lancia
6:00 Ferry
6:30 Lancia
7:00 Lancia
9:00 Ferry
11:30 Lancia
12:30 Ferry
13:30 Lancia
16:00 Ferry

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