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Bluefields is the largest town on the east coast of Nicaragua in the RAAS region with a population hovering around 90,000.  Bluefields can only be reached by an hour long plane ride from Managua or an all day trip that starts by land from Managua to Rama followed by a boat ride from Rama to Bluefields. 

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The Caribbean side of Nicaragua has often times been forgotten or ignored.  However, a few centuries ago Bluefields was the most important port in Central America.  The English had a heavy influence on the city during the slave trade days.  As a result there is a large black population in Bluefields and the entire Caribbean side of the country.  English is widely spoken as well as the Miskito, the language of the Miskito ethnic group. 

This charming Caribbean town has a feel like no other decent sized town in Nicaragua.  It has the feel of a busy city with all the action in the market and on the streets.  Fishermen are coming in throughout the day with their catch.  Music is usually playing well into the night and usually in the early mornings you can hear the rooster crowing or more music be blasted through the streets.

Bluefields is not much of a tourist town but from Bluefields visitors can take boat rides to Corn Island or up the coast to the Pearl Lagoon.  One day the Pearl Lagoon will be one of the main tourist hot spots in Nicaragua but that is probably 30 years.  Another option is to hire a boat to do some fishing or to take you to the nearby keys to do some exploring.

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