Best Ometepe Hotels – Finca San Juan de la Isla Lodge

Finca San Juan de la Isla Lodge is on its way to being one of the best hotels on the island of Ometepe.  The lodge is located along the Santo Domingo sand beaches, which are the nicest beaches on the island, giving it a prime location.  The gorgeous scenery surrounding this little piece of paradise is truly one of a kind.

Best Ometepe Hotels

The lodge is on one hundred sixty acres of lush wildlife with cedar trees, streams of water, fruit trees and spectacular views.  With the coconut trees rising above the beach and the ranch style buildings, this is truly a great place to stay.  The Finca San Juan de la Isla stays true to its history with the colonial ranch style buildings that give it an 1850’s feel.  The rooms are all nicely decorated and arranged.  Because the hotel is relatively new, their lodging is still limited but they have ambitious plans for what they hope to build in the next few years.

Visitors can participate in many tours of the island including guided tours of both volcanoes.  Each volcano is very different from the other.  Concepcion is the larger of the two with a long history and many indigenous writings still intact on it.  Maderas is the smaller one but has more rain forest qualities about it including the San Ramon waterfalls.  If you are staying at the Finca for several days, be sure to get a tour of both volcanoes if you are up to it.  Guests can also rent kayak to enjoy a ride around the Lake Nicaragua waters.  There is a great water hole on the island for swimming and the island is great for bird-watchers and other nature enthusiasts. 

Come enjoy a few days at the Finca lodge where you can hike, kayak, swim, and go horseback riding in one of the most beautiful areas in Nicaragua.  At this point the Finca San Juan might seem a little overpriced for what they offer but keep any eye on them as they continue to expand and offer more for what you pay.  Room rates start at $85 for two people.

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