Best Places to Retire Abroad – Granada, Nicaragua

Granada was featured on one of Yahoo’s featured articles “8 Great Places to Retire Abroad.”  Other cities on the list were from all around world.  The article was taken from Kiplinger, a personal financial website.  They spoke with travel, tourism and overseas retirement experts.  The main factors for those on the list were cost of living and health care. 

Nicaragua Magazine Best Places to Retire

This made Granada an obvious choice on the list.  Granada like the other cities on the list has a warm climate year round.  The proximity to Managua where there is specialized healthcare and the airport where there is direct flights to the US makes it an even more attractive option.   Nicaragua is tied for sixth in the retirement index for cost of living and they estimated an American couple could live comfortably in Granada off of $1250

The last factor may be the most important reason why Granada is an attractive retirement option.   The article says that the draw to Granada is having a room with a view of the colonial city.  Granada is among the oldest cities in the western hemisphere dating back to the 16th century.  The colonial buildings are brightly painted and there is the volcano in the picturesque background.  There is a wide variety of restaurants and Managua is close enough where a couple can enjoy a movie or other entertainment activities.

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    Granada is a really good place. Very nice article!

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