Best Places to Stay on Big Corn Island

Big Corn Island off the Caribbean coast of Nicaragua is unlike any other in the country.  This island is mostly untouched by commercial tourism but there many great attractions and great hotels.

Best Big Corn Island Hotels

One of these great hotels is Casa Canada Resort which arguably has the best facilities on the island.  This beachfront hotel has a beautiful infinity pool that overlooks the crystal clear blue waters of the Caribbean that is just a few steps away.  The cabanas are all beautiful inside and out.  The inside is equipped with a king size bed, air conditioning, private bathroom, a stocked fridge, television and DVD player.  There is also a great restaurant on site that serves delicious meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  You won’t get fresher seafood meal than on Corn Island.  Fresh lobster, shrimp and fish are just a few of the delicious menu options.  Corn Island is definitely a seafood connoisseur’s favorite place to go.  Even if seafood isn’t your preference there are other options on the menu at Casa Canada.

During the day there is plenty to do on the island.  Fishing trips can be arranged where you can go fishing.  You can do fly fishing close to shore or you can do a boat trip where you can fish for Mackerel, Mahi and Sailfish.  All of your friends who love to fish would be jealous to hear about your fishing trip in Nicaragua.  While you’re not fishing you can lounge by the pool or do some sunbathing on the beach.  When you’re ready for some more adventure you can arrange a scuba diving trip.  Scuba diving is a great way to explore a whole different world that is just feet below the water.  Scuba diving is led by experts with diving certifications so you don’t need be concerned for safety.  Snorkeling is also another option if you just want to do this underwater exploring closer to shore.  Feel free to walk around the island to explore the other beautiful beaches that encompass this island. 

Casa Canada’s basic package which includes free breakfast and one beverage, free internet, and access to the pool starts at

$109.00 (USD) per night*
$119.00 (USD) for double occupancy
$10.00 per person per night
*excludes 15% IVA tax

There are also special weekly rates and family rates.

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