Best Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

Nicaragua is a great place to choose for your next adventure.  Visitors to this beautiful country will be able to experience it all! 

Reasons to Visit Nicaragua

Here are our top reasons for visiting Nicaragua.

1) Granada
2) Beautiful Beaches
3) Adventure
4) Great Places to Stay
5) Delicious Food
6) Epic Sunsets

Reason 1:  Granada offers visitors the opportunity to experience everything in one place.  Granada has a rich history, beautiful colonial architecture, and fun attractions nearby.  It is no coincidence that many visitors end up making Granada their new home after visiting.

Reason 2:  The Nicaraguan coastline is among the most beautiful in the world.  The tropical wild life that lines up along the coastline is unlike anywhere else in the world.  White sand beaches, coconut trees, and great views make Nicaragua’s beaches one of a kind.  In addition to the beauty, the beaches have some of the warmest ocean water in the world.  People that come from cold weather climates are shocked when they first get in the water.  We don’t even need to mention the world class surfing that is available up and down the coast.

Reason 3:  Nicaragua is not one of those cookie cutter type vacation destinations.  Adventure awaits you every morning that you wake up in this amazing country.  There are volcanoes to hikes, waves to surf, rivers to kayak and much more.  There is never a dull moment in the land of lakes and volcanoes.

Reason 4:  Nicaragua also boasts some great places stay all around the country, each one with a wide variety of amenities.  There are all inclusive beach resorts where you do not have to worry about anything.  There boutique hotels that provide unbelievable service and accommodations.  You can also choose to stay off the grid in the mountains or away from civilization on Corn Island.  Few places in world can offer the beauty that surrounds many of these great places to stay.

Reason 5:  Nicaragua offers great cuisine where everyone will find something they like.  Visitors can try the Nicaraguan food staple of gallo pinto with some fried plantains, cheese and grilled meat.  There are also great international restaurants that serve cuisine from around the world including an Irish restaurant, endless number of Italian restaurants, and world class steak joints.  No one visiting Nicaragua will go hungry.

Reason 6:  After a long day of adventure one thing you can count on every evening is a beautiful sunset.  Whether you are in Granada next to Lake Nicaragua, lounging on the beach in San Juan del Sur or up in the mountains in northern Nicaragua the sunsets are all EPIC.  The sky turns into rainbow of red, orange and pink colors that are unseen anywhere else.  Make Nicaragua your next destination of choice!

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