Best Residential Beach Communities in Nicaragua – Guacalito de la Isla

Guacalito de la Isla is not like all the other beach communities popping up along the Nicaraguan coast.  This beach community spans over 1,670 acres and is being funded by the Pellas Development Group.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

This group is owned by the Pellas family of Nicaragua. This family is basically involved in every business sector of Nicaragua except politics.  Their involvement should ease the doubts of any potential property buyers.  The plans for the community are ambitious and almost unbelievable for Nicaragua.  In any other beach developments in Nicaragua these goals would be unattainable, but with the Pellas Development Group behind it, this is just the beginning.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

The whole community will have a botanical theme reinforced throughout.  From the championship golf course to the homes that are being built, it will be like no other.  The golf course has just begun construction under the oversight of David McLay Kidd who is an internationally renowned golf course designer.  He has designed many top courses in America including Bandon Dunes on the shores of the Oregon coast as well as a course at St Andrews in the UK.  Each hole in the Botánica Golf Course will be uniquely designed with mesmerizing views.  From ocean views to hilltops, the course promises to be one of the most beautiful in Nicaragua.

The homes that are being built are unique.  The overflowing beautiful gardens that are to surround them add so much to the botanical theme.  The layout and design of the homes are unlike anything you will see in any magazine, each one different.  Potential buyers will have a wide variety of options.  There will be beachfront homes along the four miles of coastline as well as homes alongside the beautiful golf course.  There will be even homes built high up on the mountain-tops that are on each side of the cove.  These homes will have spectacular views overseeing the ocean and the whole community.  There are plans for a beach-front boutique hotel for those that want to spend a few days at the Guacalito de la Isla.

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

There will be a long list of activities for members of this community to take part in.  Surfers can enjoy one of the best surf breaks in Nicaragua right out in front.  In addition to the world class Manzanillo surf break there is another beach within the grounds of Guacalito de la Isla.  This other beach is more ideal for swimming as it does not have many waves that come in to its cove.  There will be a marina for boats where guests can plan outings at sea whether to go fishing or exploring many of the other beautiful neighboring beaches.  For those who love to lounge on the beach they have beachfront cabanas in which to relax or read a good back.  In addition, golfing, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, spa treatments and clubhouse activities are just a few of the long list of activities in which guests and residents will be able to take part.  If you get a chance, definitely try and arrange a tour of Guacalito de la Isla.  You will not be disappointed with what they have to offer.

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