Best Restaurants in Estelí Nicaragua

The charming city of Estelí in northern Nicaragua is one of the hidden gems.  Off the usual path from the Nicaraguan tourist destinations but nonetheless a great place to visit.  This city with a population over one hundred thousand is one of the cleanest cities in the whole country. 

Best Restaurants in Estelí Nicaragua

Many inbound visitors to Nicaragua never step foot in this beautiful town.  Surrounded by beautiful, picturesque hills with nearby attractions like the Miraflor Natural Reserve, the Somoto Canyon or the waterfalls at Tisey-Estanzuela makes Estelí a great Nicaraguan destination spot.  If you need something to eat there are some great restaurants to choose from.  Here are a few to choose from.

Top Estelí Restaurants

El Puyaso (Steak)
Los Chaguites (Steak & Seafood)
Rincon Pinareño (Cuban and other)
La Casita (Organic)

El Puyaso Restaurant is definitely the restaurant you should hit up if you are in the mood for a good piece of meat.  It is located a block away from the Shell gas station.  A close second for steak would be Los Chaguites Restaurant.  Rumor has it that Los Chaguites has amazing shrimp so if you are in a group of meat and seafood lovers that might be the idea choice.

Rincon Pinareño specializes in Cuban cuisine as well as many other kinds of food.  You will be able to try some of their delicious Cuban sandwiches as well as different yummy soups.  Who knew you could be having a great Cuban meal in northern Nicaragua. Be careful though, around lunchtime this joint can get packed so get there before the rush.

La Casita is unlike anything else in Estelí.  La Casita has homemade jelly, bread and cheese.  It is a great spot to bring your family and friends to have a great time.  The décor is all natural with the restaurant place in a garden setting with a little stream.  La Casita is a great place to sit back and let your worries wash away.  Definitely one of the places you do not want to miss especially for those who are into organic products and eco friendly businesses.

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