Best Restaurants in Granada

The well traveled international city of Granada boasts many great restaurants.  A large number of the restaurants in Granada are run by foreigners who have fallen in love with the colonial city.  They come to visit Granada, end it up falling for its charm and then decide to make Granada their new home.  These foreigners are from the US, Canada, Europe and many other regions of the world.  As a result Granada boasts cuisine from all over the world.

Top 3

1)      O’Shea’s

2)      Mona Lisa

3)      El Zaguan

O’Shea’s is an Irish restaurant that is owned and run by a true Irishman.  Tommy Griffin, the owner first opened primarily as a smoothie bar.  However, before long he had a full fledged restaurant.  O’Shea’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For breakfast guests can enjoy a Nicaraguan or an American or an Irish style breakfast.  As great as breakfast is at O’Shea’s, guests must come back for lunch or dinner and really get the Irish experience in Nicaragua.  You can come back and have some of there signature fish & chips along with an ice cold beer.  They have a wide selection to choose from including Guinness.  If you are not in the mood for a beer, they have a large selection of fruit smoothies to choose from.  They smoothie that combines strawberries, banana, and orange juice is AMAZING!  A definite MUST TRY!  They do have other fruit combinations if you are looking more something a little different.

Mona Lisa is a great place for visitors to try authentic Italian pizza.  Visitors that come through Granada rave about the quality of Mona Lisa’s Italian cuisine.  It is known as the best pizza in town.  Many even say it’s the best they have ever had…  They also serve great pasta including delicious puttanesca and anchuca sauces.  The service and atmosphere in the restaurant is unique.  Located at one end of the Calzada street, it is less noisy than some of the other restaurants nearby.  Do not pass up a chance to try this opportunity if you are in the area.

El Zaguan is the best restaurant in Granada to try some of Nicaragua’s famed steak.  Many do not know that one of Nicaragua’s main exports is beef.  At El Zaguan guest will be able to try a top quality steak prepared to their liking.  When foreigners ask locals for a great place to eat many end up at the doors of El Zaguan.  There is indoor and outdoor seating.  Outdoor seating is great because guests can take in Granada as they enjoy their meal.

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