Best Restaurants in León Nicaragua

León, Nicaragua is one of the most important cities in Nicaragua with a lot of foreign visitors traveling through the city.  Visitors to the city are often looking for good restaurants to try while they are in town.  We have developed a list of some of the top dining options in León. 

Best Restaurants in Leon Nicaragua

Our list ranges on price and cuisine where visitors will be able to find something that suits there needs and preferences.

El Mediterraneo (Italian)
Benjamin Linder Café (Breakfast All Day)
CocinArte (Vegetarian)
Charlie’s Bar BBQ (Texas Style BBQ)
Manhattan Bar & Restaurant

El Mediterraneo is the priciest restaurant on the list by Nicaraguan standards.  Guests will be able to enjoy a variety of different pastas and pizza.  Sit back and enjoy a glass of wine as the Spanish guitar music plays in the background.  If you decide to give El Mediterraneo a try make sure to sit in the courtyard.  The courtyard is definitely the ideal place to enjoy a good Italian meal in León.  The restaurant is located a couple of blocks from the main square in town.

The Benjamin Linder Café was named after a young American volunteer that was killed during the civil war in the 1980’s.  The café is a favorite among foreigners who can get breakfast up until they close in the late afternoon.  The restaurant is next to an internet café where foreigners can catch up on their email or just unwind for an hour.  The restaurant is actively involved in a local charity that helps children with disabilities.

CocinArte is definitely the place to go for those looking for a healthy alternative.  This vegetarian restaurant serves anything from pasta to a good cup of organic coffee.  The restaurant walls are filled with the works of local artists.  Kids may enjoy their fruit options and homemade pastries.  On the weekends they may have themes including romantic Fridays or Jazzy Sundays.

For those travelers hungry and in the mood for some good Southern BBQ, Charlie’s Bar BBQ is the place to visitors to check out.  With their Texas style BBQ and generous portions guests are bound to leave completely satisfied.  The restaurant is part of a hotel as well if guests need a air conditioned room to stay for the night. 

Manhattan Bar & Restaurant is a great place to hit up for drinks.  They serve a wide variety of food including sushi.  This restaurant is a great option for those groups that have a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

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