Best San Juan del Sur Attractions – Canopy Tour

Need a break from the beach?  If you want to take a break from beach activities the Flying Frog in San Juan del Sur has one of the few canopy tours in Nicaragua.  Over a mile and a half of distance is covered on this zip line tour where you sail from tree to tree with the beautiful Pacific Nicaraguan coastline in the distance.  Just a few minutes outside of San Juan del Sur makes the canopy tour an ideal half day attraction for those families or groups staying in town.

Best San Juan del Sur Attractions

During this tour you will be treated to all kinds of wild life in addition to the great views from high above the ground.  Animals that you may see include monkeys, raccoons, a wide variety of birds and more.  Make sure to keep an eye out on your surroundings so you do not miss out on anything.  If it is possible I would also recommend doing this activity during the raining season.  The lush greenery makes the tour that much more beautiful.  There are sixteen different cables on this tour where the longest one is close to one thousand feet long where you sail over two hundred feet above the air.  Definitely a thrilling ride but it is completely safe.  Make sure to bring a camera where you can take pictures while you are on one of the platforms that placed at the top of the trees.

Flying Frog is located on farm that is on the road headed towards the Maderas beach.  If the canopy tour isn’t your thing there are horses that you can rent by the hour to go riding around the farm.  If you like to do both you can take advantage of the two of them while you are at the Flying Frog.  The cost of the canopy tour is $30 per person and $12 an hour for a horse.

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