Best Spanish Schools in Nicaragua – La Mariposa Spanish School

Interested in learning Spanish in Nicaragua?  What better place than La Mariposa Spanish School & Eco-Hotel in Masaya.  Located in the hills outside of Masaya with a tropical backdrop to the facilities it also near the main cultural hub of all of Nicaragua, what more could you ask for?

Best Spanish Schools in Nicaragua

La Mariposa is also an eco-hotel where guests can stay comfortably knowing the La Mariposa is doing their job to conserve the environment.  Solar power is used to power the electricity and heat the water.  The facilities also boast an organic farm and extensive recycling schemes.  The organic farm produces eggs, coffee, fruit, and veggies consumed in La Mariposa.  The rooms are simple yet clean and comfortable.  But then again one shouldn’t be spending much time in the room when all this beauty a few steps outside your doorway.  What a unique way to learn another language.

After hearing this one might think that La Mariposa is very expensive and out of your budget.  However, La Mariposa is able to provide all these things and still providing very reasonable rates for the Spanish School and lodging in the hotel.  Students will spend four hours a day in classes.  Two hours devoted towards grammar and the other two in conversation.  The other hours of the day can be spent relaxing, volunteering in a number of programs.  Day trips can be arranged to number of the great cultural and tourist sites nearby.  Granada, Apoyo Lagoon, Masaya and the Masaya Volcano are all near La Mariposa.  These extracurricular activities are just another way to continue to improve your Spanish. 

La Mariposa Spanish SchoolLa Mariposa does a great job of working around how much time you would like to spend in the school.  They are also flexible in whether you just want to focus on conversational Spanish instead of grammar.  They are there to help you out.  They have received exceptional reviews from those who have attended and stayed in their hotel.  Not only do people say their experience in the Spanish School was amazing but they give a lot of credit to the warm and friendly staff, everyone from the maintenance to the teachers and hotel staff.

Prices for the Spanish School and Eco-Hotel start out at $300 per week.  There is a discounted price for doing four weeks.  This includes afternoon activities as well.  Those who wish to stay just stay in the hotel can do so for $25 per night and includes breakfast.

La Mariposa prides itself on re-investing in the local economy and conserving the environment.  Spending time and learning in La Mariposa is not just an investment in you but also an investment in Nicaragua.

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