Bosawas Biosphere Natural Reserve

The Bosawas Biosphere Natural Reserve is the largest of its kind in Central America covering 20k square kilometers in central part of northern Nicaragua.

Northern Nicaragua

To conserve this area of the country it was declared an UNESCO biosphere reserve in 1997 and the name of the biosphere reserve comes from the three geological features of the region: the Bocay River, Saslaya Mountain and Waspuk River.

Animals that can be found out on this natural reserve include harpy eagles, jaguars, pumas, tapirs, and macaws. There are also over 150,000 insect species inhabit this region. About 21,000 indigenous Mayangna and Miskito people live along the rivers that cut through the jungles of Bosawas. The Mosquitian forest is also home to over 270 plant species and valuable trees like cedar and mahogany. Nicaragua has stepped its efforts in preventing deforestation but it is still a struggle because of the instant value it provides but the consequences have a lasting ecological effect in the region.

The Bosawas Natural Reserve is a bit off the map from Nicaragua’s tourist destination but well worth the trip for those travelers looking for a good adventure. Hire a guide to take you into the reserve and prepare to be amazed by what you see. Be warned though, any lodging in this area of the country is fairly primitive where running water may actually be a luxury.

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