Best Nicaragua Beach Towns

Beach Towns in Nicaragua

There are many great beach towns in Nicaragua.  San Juan del Sur, Masachapa, Poneloya are each unique and have something different to offer tourists and locals alike.  … [Read more...]

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Most Beautiful Beaches in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has an endless amount of beautiful beaches.  We tried to pick a few of the most beautiful beaches for this list.  We did not choose any beaches that were closed to the public.  Instead we chose beaches that are accessible to any visitors that may want to check out these beaches. … [Read more...]

Best Beaches Near León – Playa El Transito

Nicaragua Best Beaches El Transito

El Transito beach is a laid-back fishing village that does not get much traffic coming through most of the year.  There is a spike in the population on the beach during Semana Santa (Easter Week) when most of the Nicaraguan population heads to the beach for a few days.  … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Playa San Diego

Playa San Diego Nicaragua

San Diego is a beautiful little beach town located just one hour from Managua.  San Diego has a lot of things going for it.  For starters there is the large beach development of Gran Pacifica that is next door to the town.  … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Huehuete

Best Beaches in Nicaragua

Huehuete is a quiet, peaceful beach where rocks line up much of the shore blocking the big waves that normally crash the Nicaraguan coastline.  Located just a few kilometers south of Casares, Huehuete is a completely different beach in every sense … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Casares

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Casares

Casares is a small fishing village that is right between La Boquita and Huehuete on the Nicaraguan coastline.  Every evening the sand is filled with the boats that have come back from a day of fishing.  Visitors can get some great fish and lobster from the fishermen that come back. … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua – La Boquita

Best Beaches in Nicaragua La Boquita

La Boquita is a nice, peaceful beach town located about a thirty minute drive from the hill town of Diriamba and a little over an hour away from Managua.  If you are looking for a place to relax and enjoy some warm ocean water then this is the beach for you. … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in León Nicaragua – Poneloya & Las Peñitas

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Poneloya

León has the advantage of being just 20 km (12 miles) from the coast.  The nearest beaches are Poneloya and Las Peñitas.  These two beaches are among the most popular beach destinations for local Nicaraguans especially around the holidays of Easter and Christmas. … [Read more...]

Best Beaches in Nicaragua – Pochomil and Masachapa

Best Beaches in Nicaragua Pochomil Masachapa

For those looking to make a quick trip to the beach from Managua may want to consider Pochomil or Masachapa.  The long, open beaches make these ideal places to go for a long walk along the beach.  Being just an hour away makes both of these destinations a popular spot among those wanting to make a trip to the beach from Managua. Masachapa is a small little beach town but it is not what one would consider a tourist destination but it can be fun to walk around.  Many of the locals rely on fishing as a source of income.  If you make it down to the beach there are some tide pools on the southern end of the beach. Pochomil is the beach located five minutes south of Masachapa.  Sometimes there is someone at the entrance charging a small fee for vehicles coming through but the fee is no more than a few dollars.  Once you get in the entrance there will be a “T” in the road where you can either go to the left or right. Taking a right turn will take you to all the local … [Read more...]