How to Determine the Strength of Pepper Spray

Pepper spray may be the common term for aerosol sprays that contains Oleoresin Capsicum. It can be sometimes called OC spray, bear spray, or mace. Capsicum describes a large collection of hot peppers and they also include all of your current common hot peppers such as jalapeno, serrano, cayenne’s etc. Capsaicin is taken from Capiscum to create the active component. Oleoresin refers to the industrial extraction procedure that takes out the oily residue of the hot peppers. It’s that oily residue that’s integrated into an aerosol spray to produce pepper spray gun. Pepper spray will irritate your eyes causing tears, temporary blindness, difficulty breathing, and pain. When used in self defense it will result in the attacker to seal their eyes in pain, reducing vision and making it possible to escape. Due its inflammatory effects, it will work with even the ones that are resistant against pain and intoxicated by drugs or alcohol. It’s a non-lethal or less-than-lethal … [Read more...]

ISA World Masters Surf Championship in Nicaragua

ISA World Championship in Nicaragua

Nicaragua is just a few weeks away from hosting the biggest surf competition to ever take place in the heart of Central America. Hacienda Iguana Beach Resort will host the ISA World Masters Surf Championship from July 14-22. … [Read more...]

Things To Consider When Traveling to Nicaragua and Abroad

Best of Nicaragua

Who does not love to travel? When you travel to Nicaragua, you embark on a journey that you are going to remember for the rest of your life. This is why you should get out and travel as much of the world (NIcaragua and elsewhere) as you can. There is always a new experience that you can have, remember that. So do not hesitate to go on a new journey because it is an experience that you can reflect on when you look back on life. Have a look at this article and figure out some traveling advice you should follow. … [Read more...]

Best of Jinotega – Lago de Apanas

Jinotega Lago de Apanas

Northern Nicaragua is quickly becoming a top tourist destination in Nicaragua.  Most people think about Nicaragua’s beautiful beaches when planning their next vacation but the mountains in Jinotega is quickly attracting more and more visitors each year. … [Read more...]

Nica News – Rio San Juan Bridge, Ernesto Cardenal and Nicaraguan Cigars

Nicaraguan News Highlights

Some of the highlights coming out of Nicaragua this week Nicaraguan government is planning on building a bridge across the Rio San Juan.  … [Read more...]

Where to Visit in Nicaragua Guide


Nicaragua offers travelers and visitors many different fun attractions to see.  How to maximize a trip depends on the type of traveler one is.  Here is a guide on what to see and do depending on your definition of an ideal vacation. … [Read more...]

Puerto Cabezas Nicaraguan Caribbean

Caribbean Nicaragua East Coast

Puerto Cabezas is located along the coast in the northern Caribbean side of Nicaragua.  Just an hour flight from Managua, Puerto Cabezas is the second largest town on the Nicaraguan east coast.  … [Read more...]

Drinking Tap Water in Nicaragua

Clean Water in Nicaragua

Most planning a visit to Nicaragua would assume the tap water in Nicaragua is unclean.  However that isn’t entirely true and Nicaragua actually has some of the cleanest tap water in Central America.  … [Read more...]

Best Restaurants in Granada

The well traveled international city of Granada boasts many great restaurants.  A large number of the restaurants in Granada are run by foreigners who have fallen in love with the colonial city.  They come to visit Granada, end it up falling for its charm and then decide to make Granada their new home.  These foreigners are from the US, Canada, Europe and many other regions of the world.  As a result Granada boasts cuisine from all over the world. Top 3 1)      O’Shea’s 2)      Mona Lisa 3)      El Zaguan O’Shea’s is an Irish restaurant that is owned and run by a true Irishman.  Tommy Griffin, the owner first opened primarily as a smoothie bar.  However, before long he had a full fledged restaurant.  O’Shea’s is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  For breakfast guests can enjoy a Nicaraguan or an American or an Irish style breakfast.  As great as breakfast is at O’Shea’s, guests must come back for lunch or dinner and really get … [Read more...]

Top Nicaragua News Reports

Top Nicaragua News Headlines

We have the top news stories of the day for Nicaragua.  The news will vary from business, politics and other stories in the headlines.  … [Read more...]