Best Surf Camps in Nicaragua

Best Surf Camps in Nicaragua

Now that it is on the surf map of premier destinations, Nicaragua boasts many great surf camps, beyond San Juan del Sur past the Tola coastline all the way to the Gulf of Fonseca.  All these surf camps cater to all kinds of surf travelers. … [Read more...]

Nicaragua Surf Beaches for Different Skill Levels

Best Nicaragua Surfing

Nicaragua’s beaches offer surf breaks for all different skill levels of surfing.  From beginners to experts, they will all find a surf break that suits their skills. … [Read more...]

Best Waves in Nicaragua – Manzanillo

Best Surfing in Nicaragua Manzanillo

Manzanillo is a left and when it is going it is among the favorites among surfers that come through Nicaragua.  During good size swells there are 300 yard long rides with multiple barrels for the taking.  … [Read more...]

Surfing Southern Nicaragua – Panga Drops

Surfing Southern Nicaragua Panga Drops

Panga Drops is within the Hacienda Iguana Beach Resort and is only accessible to those who own property or are staying in the resort.  The only other way to access this wave is by boat which is what many of the surf camps do.   … [Read more...]

Best Surfing in Nicaragua – Playa El Yankee

Best Surfing in Nicaragua

This is a beach break located south of San Juan del Sur about a 30 to 40 minute drive.  Once you get to the beach it is a five minute walk down the sand where the waves break best.  This can be a fun wave for all levels of surfers.  At its best it is a large wave that works best going left with a steep wall on the wave. … [Read more...]

Best Nicaragua Surfing – Maderas

Surf Maderas Nicaragua

Maderas beach is by far the most popular beach in Nicaragua due to its close proximity to San Juan del Sur (about 15 minutes north of SJDS).  This is the one place in Nicaragua where there can be a large crowd in the water.   … [Read more...]

Surfing Colorado at Iguana Golf and Beach Resort

Best Surfing Nicaragua Colorado

Located inside the Iguana Golf and Beach Resort is Colorado beach break.  If you do not own property or renting property, the only way to access these waves is by boat.  If you are looking to get barreled on your surf trip to Nicaragua then you must do whatever it takes to get to surf Colorado.  Barrels go left and right.  You have the option of taking off in the direction you feel most comfortable.  If you do have the extra cash, it may be beneficial for you to rent a place to stay there.  You will then have waves right outside your doorstep and still be able to surf the other breaks in the area. *Comment below and let us know what you think of the magazine and what you would like to see added. … [Read more...]

Best Surf Breaks in Nicaragua – Popoyo

Best Surf Breaks in Nicaragua Popoyo

Popoyo is one of the many great surf breaks on the Rivas coastline in Nicaragua.  The break is blessed with offshore wind 330 days per year.  As a result there is great surf with powerful, hollow waves. Nicaragua's best waves to surf. … [Read more...]